Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thank You Notes

Somewhere along the way it was explained to me that it's always best to start everything with gratitude. Turns out, I LOVE starting every reply, whether in email or on the phone with: "Thank you for your phone call," or "Thank you for your email." I also notice more fluently how deeply I enjoy when other people in my life also start with a thank you. On January 1st, 2012, I arrived at Shree, a yoga studio where I teach, to find a thank you note from the owners to everyone who works there.

One of my teachers says it's very natural to have a check-in with anything (a new girlfriend, a job, etc) after having been in relationship with it for six months. Today I went for a walk over to Sunset Park, to a spot that I had gone to when I first arrived here in Taos, just about six months ago. I was drawn to that section of land in November, sensing gratitude and wanting to sit on the earth in that feeling. I was tickled to find that in the middle of this huge park, in the exact location had walked all the way over to, was the most comfortable chair I had ever sat in in my life.

The gift of the land was even more magical today, green from the spring, damp from the rain and warm from the sun. My chair found a friend in a nearby shrub and is at least twice as comfortable as it was in November.

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