Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Even if it doesn't pay"

Oh boy have I been over here trying the FIGURE IT OUT: "Why am I here?" "How come I don't like Spring?" But really, "What the heck should I be doing with my life?"

Silly me, I've been looking for answers everywhere. Nikki McClure is good for one answer every month. The answer according to my wall for April:

So I got on the whole "Free" case. I have a memory of a homework assignment I had in yoga school about freedom. The assignment, in me, caused an epiphany, so I went looking for my answer. I couldn't find that response, but my computer did have these answers:

Ohmygoodness! I LOVE that song "Everything is Free," by Gillian Welch. According to Gillian Welch SHE figured it out, (glad I don't have to) that "we're gonna do it anyway, even if it doesn't pay."

What do I want to do even if it doesn't pay? You know, like, with my FREE time. Turns out, lots of stuff, and, those things that don't pay make me SO HAPPY! Those are the things that I want to keep moving towards, ANY way.

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