Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"An Old Saying My Motha Told Me"

I said something in the last tipandtrick about how sometimes my friends ask me for my feedback. And sometimes, they do. And sometimes, they don't. Over the years I have given more than my fair share of unsolicited advice.

Lucky for me, in the not so distant past, I chirped an unwelcome opinion at a family member and things got DICE-Y. The time had come for girlfriend over here to do some learning. Since that fateful dicey day, I have done my best to take a breath in those moments that I think I have the best idea ever about so-and-so's conundrum. I like what my teacher Jen says when she wants to help, "Are you open?"

I LOVE the movie Moonstruck. There's a scene towards the end at everybody's favorite restaurant when John Mahoney gets a glass of water thrown in his face by his date as she storms out the door. Olympia Dukakis is there, dining alone, and she invites him to join her. He accepts and she learns that the woman who stomped out was one of his students. She starts, "An old saying my motha told me, wanna hear it?" He says yes. "Don't shit where you eat," she finishes. I think about if she had said the second part about 'shitting' without the first part about 'do you want to hear it'. In that hypothetical creation of what might have happened, in my imaginary scenario, things wouldn't have gone so well.

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