Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Friends, The Flowers

Fun fact Number 1: I have a dear friend who immediately thought of me when Whitney Houston died. She thought of me not so much because I was a devoted Whitney fan, although death does do its fan-making-magic on me from time to time, but because I tell a particularly good story about a particular man who staged a marriage proposal to my mom which climaxed to Whitney's ode, "I Will Always Love You." Amidst the excitement my mom did accept the proposal, but things ultimately did not work out between her and this proposer. Whitney's got it right though; he will always love her.

Recently this gentleman found his way back into our lives by offering my mom a competitive price on a car. He wanted her to give to it me upon my arrival back out West. She took the bait, and I am super grateful. I love my car. I love right now.

When the keys were first handed to me, my mom was still working out the kinks of a complicated payment structure he had set up. He took this opportunity to call the two of us on a regular basis. He called to ask after the car, but any fool could see he just wanted to talk. I struggled in those first several weeks, from my station on a road-trip, to appease him. I felt by fielding calls from him myself, I could un-complicate things for my mom. I am so deeply touched by her generosity.

Ever been to Sedona, Arizona? It's a beautiful town and bills itself intensely as magic. I get a little turned off by its fanfare, but I do believe in magic and in Sedona’s magic specifically. Vividly I remember the last time I was there. I had just gotten off the phone with the lonely car seller, overwhelmed as usual by him, when I walked into a new age book store. "Thank God!" I thought as soon as I saw they sold flower essences. Immediately, I bought two: one to help me deal with feelings of trying to take care of my mom and the other to help me make decisions, a process that has always confounded me. I began to take each of these potions each time I felt faced by one of said conundrums.

Fun fact Number 2: Less than a month later I made the last-minute-and-totally-unexpected DECISION to move to Taos, aka and not move in with MY MOM as I had promised. I KNOW with all I've got that my friends, the flowers, Milkweed and Cerato, helped me through the whole thing.

And did I mention I love right now?

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