Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love Apple

I have a severely emotional memory. Some days, I'll be sad for what seems like no reason until I realize it's the anniversary of a death. The same goes for being happy on an almost forgotten birthday. Late last night, I returned from a 9 day vacay. I went on the same trip last year, and it's bonkers-mobile how much today is reminding me of my first day back to reality one year ago.

This morning at the grocery store, I went overboard buying my favorite variety of apples. At home, I took a big bite out of one and I was transported back to this day last year when I was so hungry I couldn't make it through therapy without asking my therapist if she had any snacks. She brought out a Ziploc bag of sliced Galas and told me she had thought of me that morning when she packed them in her purse, having no idea they were my favorite kind or that I would be hungry. She said she normally never has that kind of apple at home, much less munch-ready at work. Thrilled to have the nosh, I took the whole incident as a reminder to listen to impulses, as she had, no matter how far out they seem.

Post apple today, I glanced through Nature Speak: "Apples cannot always be grown in the Deep South because they do not get long enough periods of cold temperatures, which they need for a rest period each year in order to grow properly and produce fruit." Thanks for the love, apple, sometimes, even after vacation, what I really need is rest.

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