Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Love Call

Couple things about me: if you've taken my yoga class more than 3 or 5 times and I know your name and you know mine, I love you. I'm not trying to be nice or practice lovingkindness, I'm just the way I am. And the way I am is: I love you. Maybe I love too easily but there is something to be said about who you really are and how I get to know that pretty darn quick from teaching you how to breathe and move at the same time. Nother thing about me: when I talk about my teacher, I am usually talking about a woman named Jennifer Moyer. Jen is a B.E.S.T. practitioner in Manhattan.

One time, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. A few weeks after that, I was talking to Jen about a private student of mine who I hadn't heard back from. I had emailed him twice and he hadn't emailed me back, when, usually, he did. I was worried about him. I hadn't been teaching him for that long so I didn't know that much about him but I did know he worked in the financial industry. I didn't feel comfortable calling him to be like "Hey, how's this market crashing stuff treating you? Did you loose your job?" But I also didn't feel like pushing the yoga point anymore. I just wanted to make sure he was okay. These thoughts about him and the market and yoga were tangled together in the front my brain and I had no idea what to DO. Jen asked me if I loved him. I was like, "Sure." Then she advised me to give him a love call. "Well, but, Jen," I said, "I mean I love him and that's cool but we don't say I love you to each other..." NO BIGGIE she assured me, she was talking about me calling him for NO REASON other than to say I was thinking about him, that I hoped he was well. Which was true! So I did. Not the point, but, calling him felt great and it solved everything. Because it was so nice to hear my voice on his voicemail he called me back right away to say he was okay, to apologize for being out of touch and, basically, just to shoot the breeze. When things mellowed out, we started doing yoga again.

I don't know about you guys but I have so many people in my life. And lots of times I only reach out to them because I'm answering their question about the awesome retreat I'm leading in March, because I want to see what time we're meeting later, or I want to know where they get their haircut. Thanks to Jen, sometimes I call someone just to tell them I love them or I'm thinking about them. If I'm leaving a message, no need to call me back unless they want to. I'm no expert in giving gifts, but these days, when everybody has a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff to do, that seems like a pretty good one to me.

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