Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guilty: The other day I was thinking during yoga class. I was wondering about this W-2 I have yet to receive from a former employer. I realized it probably got sent to my old address in Brooklyn, then, the post office probably sent it to the address I provided them with: the place I thought I was going to live in Boulder. Oops. Then, though, I moved to Taos, and now, no one I know lives at that address in Boulder, my mom moved too. That thing could be anywhere. "No wonder my attention span is shot to hell," I thought "I'm all over the place."

One thing I learn over and over is how DEEPLY important the root chakra is. Fun Fact #1: I'm not that cool. If I don't feel grounded, my day is going to be a mess. Fun Fact #2: I have a lot of different tools that help me to feel grounded. Just putzing around my house in the morning helps me to ground, sometimes I wake up an hour early purely to putz. Any and all leg stretches and hip openers help me feel more grounded. Julia Cameron's killer idea to write 3 pages every morning about whatever is on my mind helps. Meditating helps, so does not rushing and wearing comfortable shoes.

It may sound kinda loopy to wake up and do nothing so that I can leave early. Fun Fact #3: it doesn't matter, it works for me.

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