Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Calling It In

A not so deeply rooted fantasy of mine is to become a DJ with my own radio show. It excites me to think about sitting in a sound proof booth with a state of the art swivel chair, a big sun-shaped microphone in front of my mouth, talking, and not messing up. But mostly, what I really love tripping out about is the tunes. Man, I'd play such good tunes.

Because, alas, I am not yet a DJ with my very own radio show, I have to get my kicks from making playlists and offering to roll the iPod dial whenever I'm the passenger in someone else's car.

The other day I was asked to make a playlist for my friend's birthday party. "NOT A PROBLEM! NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL, LET ME GET ON THAT RIGHT AWAY," is my general response towards projects like these.

At the last moment there was a technical snafu and we were not going to be able to use an iPod at the party, so instead I had to burn the 98 song playlist onto 5 separate CDs. After each CD ejected itself from my laptop, burned up and ready to play, I wrote on it, "Jessica's Best Birthday Party That She's Ever Had in the Whole Wide World Disc 1." Yes. Each CD said all of that stuff, "Jessica's Best Birthday Party That's She's Ever Had in the Whole Wide World," just a different number was placed at the end of the title, depending on the disc. When I handed Jessica her newly written shiny pile of polycarbonate, she looked at it and smiled. She got it. Some people might say, "Oh no, Ash, don't call it that! You're jinxing it. If we plan on it being the best birthday party ever in the whole wide world, there's no way it'll deliver, the whole thing will be a terrible disappointment." I say poo to those people. I say call it in. Decide want you want. Move to the desert, wake up feeling great tomorrow, meet the girl of your dreams. Call it in. Without judgement. Say it's going to be the way you want it, and get ready. Jessica was ready to have the best birthday party ever in the whole wide world. So we called it in. And she did.

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