Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Peacock Feet

Lately everywhere I go I see a peacock. There's one on my new bedspread, there's a peacock book stopper at my mom's apartment, a peacock was on the rug at the Christmas party last week. The list goes on.

According to Ted Andrews in Animal Speak, "Probably the peacock's two most outstanding features are the feathers and its eerie raucous calls. The call has a kind of laughter quality to it, as if the peacock is a reminder to laugh at life. One story I have heard in connection to its vocalizations is tied to the appearance of its feet. The peacock has ugly feet and there is a story that it screeches every time it catches sight of them." Andrews goes on to say that if the peacock is showing up for you, pay attention to your feet, their health can bring health to the rest of you.

Just the other day, I asked my mom to please start paying attention to each one of her footsteps. My mom is in transition: she just moved from her house of twelve years to a new apartment. Also, she's the boss of everybody at the Boulder Macy's and because this is her busiest season at work, she has not had time to focus on the fact it's also a busy season for her self.

In yoga, we have a lot of respect for our foundation. In this upright life, usually that's our feet. If you're in between jobs or houses or if you're traveling or even after you've arrived, its never a bad idea to meditate on your feet underneath you. Feet rule! Our steps can help us move from where we were to where we want to be. Hey thanks feet! Enjoy. Give yourself a foot rub or treat yourself to a reflexology appointment and if you don't have time, feel each foot as it steps the opposite of backward underneath you.

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