Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hotels in Russia

A few weeks back I was doin' some community. NOT "volunteering" but doing some community service instead of paying for a large parking ticket. I was having a ball! I decided to do my time at the local Community Against Violence Thrift Store. Man was that a good call! What a great place to work, get stuff done, meet cool people.

One of the people I met was also there doing community service. Her offense was little more serious than mine cuz boy did she had some TIME to do. She wasn't having quite as much fun as I was. Every time she finished a task she'd come and hide out by me, bide her time until 4 o'clock. I was busy cleaning the books. "How'd you get such a cool job?" she asked at one point, referring to the total slickness of me polishing every book and every bit of shelf underneath it. "I made it up," I said. Those books were dusty! She was pissed. She had been asking our superiors what tasks she should be handling and getting stuck doing totally boring things like mopping the bathroom floor.

This went on all day. She'd do something boring like move a mattress, then sink down onto the floor near the books and shoot the breeze until she got caught and then the whole thing would start over. I just kept cleaning the books. "Wow, you're weird," she told me at one point, she really thought I was going to town. "I like to do everything all the way," I said. "Yeah, that's weird." she said. And maybe she's right. But being weird has its rewards. On my last section of my last shelf, I started spiffing up a guidebook to Russia. Old as the hills that thing was in need some of my attention. Midway through my clean a piece of paper fell out. This one:

Folks, this is a magnetic key sleeve from a hotel in St. Petersburg that I stayed at when I was 15. The first hotel I stayed in outside of the United States or Mexico. Hotel Pribaltiyskaya. Say that five times fast. I love being weird.

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