Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So back when I used to be on a road trip everyday with my best friend we used to go hiking all of the time. We have a book called Animal Speak, and we'd start our hike sometimes by silently asking ourselves what animal there was to learn from that day. Sometimes we'd see grasshoppers, sometimes groundhogs, deer or falcons. When we got back to the car, we'd look up the animal in the book. Without fail: questions were answered and intentions were set.

Lately, I have a magpie on my deck when I leave in the morning or out the window in a tree during my headstand. Sometimes there's even two by my mailbox. According to the book, magpies help us to have faith in our occult knowledge, the portion in the book ends: "Do you have knowledge and are not using it? Are you employing whatever skills you have to get what you most need? (The Magpie) can help you to learn to use occult knowledge in responsible but effective ways." The word occult, for me, can sometimes bring up images of dark magic and scary things, but "occult" is used in the medical field to describe hidden processes. Oh my goodness I have SO much faith in hidden stuff: the images inside of my heart, my breath on a warm day, and OBVS the answers in nature. Good reminder, magpie.

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