Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Death Card

Gosh I'm such a goth. The whole time my hair was blonde, I didn't feel right unless my fingernails were black: black like my coffee, black like my boots, BLACK LIKE MY SOUL!

Just kidding. Turns out our souls are birds. Any color bird you want.
I spent the last two days at Holy Cross Hospital with my dad who got his appendix taken out. My dad is feeling better today and we're super grateful and no longer worried. Sometimes, however, I do worry about his neighbor, the guy in the bed next door.

Here I go again thinking about death, once a goth always a goth I guess.

In the Tarot Deck, number 13, the Death Card is also known as the Rebirth Card. Yesterday was the last day of Scorpio, the Death Card's sign. One of the symbols of Scorpio is a phoenix who rises to see from a better perspective who we truly are, what really matters. The Death Card in my Tarot deck is a scything skeleton, our bones the perfect symbol to cage our soul:
"The bird within our nature is the spiritual essence that is always free, vital and irrepressible. It is the part of our nature that prompts us to let go so that we can give birth to greater parts of who we are." -Angeles Arrien

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