Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day of the Dead

Yesterday I was so busy I almost forgot to celebrate Day of the Dead. I had some friends over and after dinner we were sitting around singing with Paul Simon and taking pictures. I showed my friend a picture I had taken of him and he said nonchalantly, "Oh look, there's someone else's aura in it, must be a ghost." WHHHHHHHATTTTT??? A ghost in my new apartment? Oh my goodness!!! He might be right!!! The heater does make an awful lot of noises.

I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning and started listening to the sounds my place was making: the heater again and the whir of the fridge. "Do I have a ghost?" I thought. As you can imagine, I stayed up a while longer, thinking about it. Yes maybe I do. Because these various indications of having a ghost are so far pretty minor, I think, its up to me to decide.

And if you believe it, it is so. I believe, maybe, I do, and if I do, she's really nice and we're going to be friends.

I also believe that there's nothing wrong with SMUDGING a person/place/thing any old time you're not sure of the energy in it or around it.


Jess said...

when baby a smudges it is no JOKE! trust me i know ;)

Luke said...

You are living rather near Georgia O'Keefes "Ghost Ranch"... Northern New Mexico has a lot of souls hanging around..! <3 u

AshB said...

Luke! Thank you so much for your call the other day!!! I love you too! I went hiking a few months ago at Chimney Rock. Have you done that one? I'll call soon. Looking forward to talking with you.

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