Thursday, October 27, 2011

Story of My Life

Stay with me here: more than once lately I've been walking the dog or through the hallway of a hotel or down a sidewalk by a cafe AND I'll hear someone laugh at what another someone has said and say: "You're telling me the story of my life." Last week, a lady dropped a huge box of papers accidentally out of the back of her car and the kind stranger who was picking up pages that had flown farther while walking up to help, said, super affirmatively, "Story of my life."
Not a huge eavesdropper typically, I've been tickled to hear people connecting on the story of their lives with PERFECT strangers so much lately.
It brings to mind one of my favorite phrases my teacher uses: "turn it over."
If you've got a recurring thought, if you're wandering down the aisles of a super-market looking for the jelly, if you can't believe whatever just happened just happened again: turn it over!! Chances are its happening to someone else too, or just by asking "Where's the jelly?", YOU find it.
Enlightenment is often defined as when one only see ONENESS, when there's no longer any separation between you and me, that cat or the table, the leaves and the open sky. If YOU'RE open and allowing, you may find little reminders of this everywhere. Maybe even all the time.

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