Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Log in the Middle of the Road

Did I mention my best friend and I got a $500 parking ticket? It wasn't our plan to return to Santa Fe towards the end of our trip but we wanted to go to Parking Ticket Court rather than pay $500. Judge Ann is a big jovial woman, a direct descendant of the Nurse from Romeo and Juliet. She laughed at our story and flirted with us but she did not let us off. We were sentenced to 25 hours of community service. We'll split it, it'll be fun. Parking in Santa Fe is a very big deal. If you've ever driven a car in New York and you're used to something called "standing", I suggest you forget all about that. Weigh the consequences of every time you slow down and maybe want to get out to go somewhere, these are choices! "Intentional" is the word Jude Ann uses for every time you stop your car. And forget all about those lights called "hazard". No such thing!
After our sentence, we didn't so much feel like parking anywhere else in Santa Fe, so we got the hell out of dodge. Usually we made decisions to visit places because of friends there or because at least one of us had never been. We scrapped that and headed north for Taos. A place where we had both been, both loved, but didn't have a friend to visit. On our drive there, we spoke in one of my favorite languages, superlatives: our favorite pet, most unexpected turn of events, favorite town that was new to us. We decided pre-meditatedly that Taos was our favorite town that we were returning to.

Folks. We were dead on. Taos is not a town, its a hug. We made new friends, I took one of my all time favorite yoga classes, we went dancing and to see the very popular Taos Bob Dylan cover band. We stayed one extra day more and have already been back once in the past week and travel plans will take me there again next week. Yesterday, I spoke with one of my teachers about my pull to Taos and she laughed, "Follow those surprises," she said, "when you're walking along and a log falls down in the middle of your path, you have to look at where its pointing you to go".


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