Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flies When You're Having...

Gosh I've been having such a good time lately: getting along with my mom, riding my bike, freaking out about the gorgeous leaves, making new friends, hearing from my ex-boyfriend, meditating at the Shambala Center. Woah woah woah. Wait wait wait. What was that second to last one again? Oh yeah. Hearing from my ex-boyfriend. THAT goes on the fun list?
To be honest, at first I was like "OH NO!!! HALLOWEEN IS EARLY THIS YEAR!!! SPOOKS IN THE CANYON!!!!!". Don't get me wrong, I LIVE for Halloween. But I also love being in control. Paying-to-go-into-that-haunted-house-type-of-I'm-in-control.
I hadn't talked to this guy since we broke up over two and a half years ago. And I had been afraid of it because...because I don't even know why.
Sometimes the strong thing to do in situations like these is not respond. And sometimes the strong thing is to recognize an old teacher from the past and greet them and without fear: to re-engage. It is from re-engagement that you see how things have changed. Old fears ALMOST NEVER apply to right now. Time can go fast but it can also heal deep.

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