Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Beginner's Mind Again

Yesterday was my last day living in New York City. I wanted to go on one last bike ride in Prospect Park and then return my friend's bike which I have been borrowing all summer.

After my ride around the park, I headed to my friend's apartment, a point a and a point b that I have never connected before. After a few turns that I had never taken, I realized that I was lost and that I had typed the wrong address into ridethecity, whoopsies, I think I said street and its an avenue. I wasn't far from where I knew I would be found (by me!) but I wasn't exactly sure how to get there.

Have I ever told you how much I love being lost?
I love being lost!

I took a right and then a few more rights and I knew where I was again, in my friend's neighborhood, but on the other side of the park from her house. I rode down one end of the park to head up the other end and I was sure that if I took one more right, I'd see her street there on the left.

After that last right, I kept riding and riding, looking for her street, I almost stopped to ask a lady jogging in place for the light to change. When suddenly I realized, I was ON her street.

Peace out New York! THANK YOU for teaching me everything I know! Which still ain't much!


bETH said...

This is fantastic - especially the end "everything I know...which still ain't much." I think I need to adopt this philosophy - might help humble me a bit and learn to know myself better.

Prakash said...

Nams sistah, "wherever you go there you are"! I love getting lost too. Please keep us updated on your voyage! Luke

AshB said...

How's that philosophy working for you Beth ;)?

Lukey! When's the last time you got lost?

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