Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anymore, Kansas

Thursday September 8, 2011

The other day my best friend Melissa and I drove from Lawrence, Kansas to Boulder, Colorado. About an hour outside of Lawrence, we saw a sign for The Museum of Oz. Some decisions aren't even decisions at all. We got off the highway and drove 9 miles north to Wamego, Kansas. The entry fee was $6 with our AAA discount. We toured around looking through Judy Garland and Munchkinland memorabilia. We marveled at the moon energy we felt from L. Frank Baum. At the apex of the museum, we wandered into a little room made to feel like a theatre where they showed the movie on repeat. It was the part when she's finally on her way back to Kansas with The Wizard, she says goodbye to all of her friends, they're sad to see her go but they understand. Then suddenly Toto jumps out of the basket and The Wizard takes off without her. Spoiler alert. The Good Witch shows up and tells her that she could have gone home anytime. She gets it. She clicks her heels together (holler back root chakra!) and then she's home.
I remember being homesick once. I told my teacher Jen. She nodded knowingly and reminded me about the home we build inside ourselves. And its just like any real house that you might move into. You gotta nest. Get yourself some new candles. Stay up late one night to open those last boxes. And if you need to, stop everything, sit down, and watch The Wizard of Oz.


Bhakti Barn's Daily Bark said...

oh ASh...What a great story. It makes me yearn for the road again.... I once had to deliver a convertible to somebody out in LA and drove cross country to get it to them and I had many little scenarios that made the journey sooo spectacular, it's always the ones you drive those extra 9 miles out of the way for that make it all worth while. Love you and miss you, xoxo Betsy

Jess said...

while i was home i bought a new candle :)
i love tips and tricks.

jesgale said...

I'm glad you got that discount.

AshB said...

Ladies! Thanks for your comments! Let's the four of us go on a road trip together!

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