Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Albuquerque Room

I've been traveling for the past 12 days and I've been on two trips. I call them Part One and Part Two. Part One was fast but we moved through it slowly. Deliberately we drove in a 16 foot truck, full of belongings from years in one time zone and two towns. We didn't spend more than one night in each place. I fell in love with every day and every person we met, each of them we knew briefly.
Part Two is deep, dark and bright in a fast car. Staying in one place (too) long sure can learn you quick. We spent 4 nights in Santa Fe and out of those nights we got: a mom with my same birthday, a ritual with fire, a Chimney Rock hike, a favorite band, a $500 parking ticket, a church service, two yoga classes, deep time with an old friend, our car fixed for free, a green juice, a pool game and mostly we got ready, ready to get out of there like you wouldn't believe. And ready to go back. We have to anyway, to contest our parking ticket.
Its good to be back on the road, staying one night in each place, last night we stayed in the Albuquerque Room with the Harvest Moon. This morning we're going hiking before we hit the road. Pam of the Lomita Motel just told me to look out for snakes and bears, she says she likes us and wants us to travel safe. The road's calling again for sure reminding us constantly what the great Tibetan Poet Milarepa says, "Never spend more than 7 nights with someone who doesn't know you can be enlightened in this lifetime"


Morgan said...

$500 parking ticket? Are they out of their flippin minds?? Golly.

AshB said...

I've never been happier to be on the left side of the law, Morg. Pretty damn sure its because of that ticket that I now live in NM.

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